Mineral Composition

Mineral composition is the most important criteria in determining the therapeutic benefits of Dead Sea Bath Salts.

Therapeutic Dead Sea Bath Salts are unique in their mineral composition. No other salt has this combination of minerals. The Healing Bath™ imports therapeutic grade Dead Sea Bath Salts containing these minerals directly from Israel. Here is the mineral analysis of our Dead Sea Bath Salts as provided by the company in Israel, which extracts the salts. (Other than our logo and the title “Certificate of Authenticity and Mineral Composition”, which we’ve added, the information below is exactly as provided to us).

The Healing Bath™ has periodically tested the mineral composition of the Dead Sea Bath Salts at an independent lab in Guelph, ON (Chemisar) to ensure the veracity of the information provided to us. We have found in each case that the Certificate of Analysis (as shown above) has been accurate.

BUYER BEWARE:  Not all Dead Sea Bath Salts on the Market Have Therapeutic Value

There are Dead Sea Bath Salts being sold today that are 99% sodium chloride (simple table salt). The seller may even make all sorts of claims about the therapeutic benefits of their Dead Sea Bath Salts. But what they’re basically selling is the table salt you can buy at Loblaws or Safeway –useful in food preparation but that’s about it. Their Dead Sea Bath Salts have no therapeutic value whatsoever as the minerals shown above have been removed for other uses during processing. Always buy your Dead Sea Bath Salts from a trusted source. The Healing Bath™ has been Canada’s trusted Dead Sea product company for 15+ years.  Speak directly with the owner, Leslie Humphrys, whenever you call:  (519) 276-7258.

Therapeutic Benefits of Minerals Contained in Dead Sea Bath Salts

Magnesium – combats stress, fluid retention, slows skin aging and calms the nervous system. Magnesium is essential for cell metabolism. Magnesium concentrations found in the Dead Sea are fifteen times higher than concentrations in salts in other seas. Potassium – energizes the body, balances skin moisture and is an important mineral to replace following intense exercise. Potassium improves oxidation and regulates the electrical processes of muscles and the nervous system. Potassium is vital in assisting cells to absorb
nourishment and expel waste products. An imbalance in potassium often leads to water retention and muscle cramping.
mineral composition

Sodium – is important for lymphatic sleeping aids fluid balance and helps the immune system function properly. After penetrating into the skin, sodium molecules bind the water and generate a feeling of suppleness, ideal for very dry skin. Sodium plays a vital role in assisting the cells to absorb nourishment and expel waste.

Calcium – helps to increase circulation and strengthen cell membranes. Calcium  is vital for the production and maintenance of healthy teeth and bones, together with regulating the heart muscles and nervous system.

Bromides – help relax and ease muscular aches and pains. They aid with the natural repair of the body and can also be used as a natural antibiotic. Bromide concentration in the Dead Sea is the highest of all waters on Earth.

Sulphates – are necessary for the secretion of bile from the liver and for converting toxins into non-toxins.