The Healing Bath charges customers as close to Actual Shipping costs as possible. We typically use UPS and Canpar as our lead shippers with some orders (especially to remote areas or upon request) being shipped by Canada Post. We do not charge any ‘Handling Fees’ or ‘Processing Fees.” Shipping charges will appear as a separate line item as you finalize your order online or we’ll tell you how much you’ll be paying in shipping if you place a phone order.  Either way you’ll know exactly what you’ll pay in shipping charges before you complete your order.


Orders are shipped Monday to Thursday. Orders received Monday to Wednesday are shipped the next business day. Orders received Thursday through Sunday are shipped on Monday of the following week. Residents of Ontario and Quebec will usually receive their orders within 24 hours of shipment. Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta shipments usually take about 4 days.  Shipments to B.C. and the Atlantic Provinces can take up to a week to arrive.  NWT, the Yukon and Nunavut shipments typically take 10 days. These timelines are approximate based on past shipments. If your location is remote or you live far away from a major centre, shipping times will be longer. US shipments can vary from 3-4 days to 2 weeks.

Our only direct sales location is at St. Jacob’s Farmer’s Market, which is open every Thursday and Saturday from 7:00 am – 3:30 pm. Starting in the middle of June and through Thanksgiving, the market is also open on Tuesdays from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm. The Healing Bath™ does several shows during the year. Follow our Facebook page for updates. Check also our Retail Partners for select products.

Canada-wide shipping is expensive to begin with. Believe it or not, it costs $12-13 to ship even a  small parcel regionally. Our most popular products, Dead Sea salts, are heavy and also require larger sized packaging. While many online businesses offer ‘free shipping’, the cost of the shipping is subsidized through the price of the product.  The Healing Bath has chosen to maintain consistent prices across all of our platforms, which includes our website, retail location at St. Jacobs, and Trade Shows.  These are the retail prices we also suggest to our retail partners, although each retailer can set the prices they choose.

This is a tough one to answer. The simplest answer is that we test our salts for mineral composition at Chemisar Labs in Guelph and we have posted the results on our website.  It is really a trust factor more than anything. We have numerous return clients who have been helped after using the salts and they tell us that The Healing Bath™ carries the highest quality of Dead Sea Salts. Aside from you as the customer testing your Dead Sea salts in a lab, try the Taste Test.  Sometimes price is an indicator. If the price is too low, likely the salts are not authentic. But this isn’t foolproof because sometimes the price is high and they’re not authentic salts either. There are salts out there being sold as Dead Sea salts because they came from the Dead Sea but in processing, all of the minerals (except sodium chloride) have been removed for other uses. These salts are about as therapeutic as table salt. There is no easy answer.  Beware of Scammers.  Sometimes your seller is a rebuyer and a reseller and as such is not testing what they’re selling. Other times they know they’re not selling therapeutic Dead Sea salts but sell them anyway. There’s lots of stuff going on with e-bay and Amazon and kijii so be careful with vendors on those sites. The Healing Bath imports 20 tonnes of Dead Sea salts directly from the company in Israel, which holds sole extraction rights.. Dead Sea salts are our core product and our specialty so we make sure we know exactly what we’re selling. During our trip to Israel in January, 2014, we met with representatives of the company in Israel, which extracts the salts and they have their own research and testing labs that confirm authenticity and mineral composition.


That’s an easy one. There is only one source in the world of Dead Sea salts and that’s the Dead Sea. There are only two companies that are allowed to extract salts from the Dead Sea, one in Israel and one in Jordan.  Because the therapeutic qualities of Dead Sea salts are well-documented, researched and the salts themselves are in high demand, it’s simple economics. Further, shipping from Israel to Canada is not cheap and adds a significant cost. Salts weigh a ton. It’s not like shipping feathers.

You need to soak in ¼ of a cup of Dead Sea salts in a standard tub up to the overflow drain in warm to warmer water for 20 minutes at least every other day. (Every day is even better). All affected areas need to be under the water for 20 minutes.  If you wish to soak for longer periods of time that’s not a problem but the minimum recommended duration is 20 minutes.  Typically you will feel the difference within the first few soaks; visually you will not see a difference for two weeks.  This treatment protocol needs to be followed until your psoriasis (or eczema) plateaus. At that point in time you need to figure out what treatment plan best works for you. You may be able to soak once a week or sporadically or may need to soak more often.

There are no side effects we are aware of.

The Healing Bath™ imports 20 tonnes of Dead Sea salts directly from Israel from the company licensed to extract the salts from the Dead Sea. See our Facebook pages for pictures.

It all has to do with the Mineral Composition.  It’s what makes Dead Sea salts unique and gives them their therapeutic value.

That depends. Everyone can buy all of The Healing Bath™ products directly from our website:  www.thehealingbath.ca  If you live in Southern Ontario, the St. Jacobs Farmer’s Market location is within reasonable driving distance. The town of St. Jacobs as well as the Farmer’s Market makes for a great day trip. Check also our Retail Partners and our upcoming Trade Shows to see whether there is a retail location near you. If you would like a store in your community to carry The Healing Bath™ products, please refer them to our website and the Wholesale link found on our home page.

We do not mandate which products our Retail Partners must carry nor do we tell them what prices to charge. We do make product and price recommendations but it is up to them as retailers to decide which of our products best fits their customer base and at what price. It’s pretty clear, however, that if the product stays on the shelf and doesn’t sell, they’re not going to stock it.

People ask this often. They may have bought a Dead Sea foot balm at our store in St. Jacobs Farmer’s market and wish to rebuy through the website but it’s not listed. They may have bought a trial pack of Dead Sea mud at a trade show or a Dead Sea lip balm and it’s not on the website. This frustrates people and we get it and if you phone us directly (519) 276-7258 we may be able to provide you with the product you’re looking for. The Healing Bath™ periodically introduces new products and packages products in promotional sizes. These are presented on a trial basis to customers most often at Trade Shows and sometimes at St. Jacobs. Customer feedback determines whether these trial products become part of our product line. Rest assured that if one of these new or promotional products generates significant consumer interest, it will appear on the website. In the meantime, give us a call or send an e-mail.

As we introduce new scents and new products, we also cull our current SKUs and make decisions as to whether we should continue to carry lower volume products or discontinue them. It’s no different than McDonalds dropping the McRib and McBristro sandwich from its lineup. You can’t really buy Cherry Coke anymore. Now if you’re a wholesaler, we can custom-make that product for you if you order sufficient quantities. But for the typical customer, once a scent or product has been delisted, it will no longer be available for purchase. Give some of our new introductions a try. You might be pleasantly surprised!

The short answer is no if your order (before tax) is less than $300.  While The Healing Bath™ could increase its web prices and then offer “Web Discounts” or “Free Shipping” we’ve chosen instead to keep our prices on the lower end for our product line. We don’t believe in charging people $98 for a small jar of face cream. That having been said, if you do plan to order $300 or more (before tax), here are the available discounts.
ORDERS TOTALLING $300 -$499 (before tax)   — 3% discount.
ORDERS TOTALLING $500 or more (before tax  — 7% discount
If you intend to place an order $300 or greater, PLEASE CALL US: (519) 276-7258 TO OBTAIN YOUR DISCOUNT.  The web checkout will not calculate your discount so please phone in your order.