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ABOVE: One of our 4 lb. jars on a salt formation along the shores of the Dead Sea. From our trip to Israel, January, 2014.

OUR STORE AT ST. JACOBS FARMERS MARKET (located in the new HARVEST BARN) is open on market days: Thursday and Saturday throughout the year. Save on shipping and buy in bulk if you happen to be in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.

Leslie Humphrys-Eliasziw, Owner

About The Healing Bath:

The Healing Bath is a Canadian wholesale/retail business that researches, prepares, manufactures, packages, labels and sells therapeutic Dead Sea personal care products. We import the highest therapeutic grade of Dead Sea salts directly from Israel. All of our products contain Dead Sea minerals and most of our products are 100% natural. Unlike many of our competitors, we list all of our ingredients with each product description so you know exactly what youre getting. In our scented Dead Sea salts, scrubs, soaps, lip balms and Wellness Gel, we use only 100% natural essential oils. We also carry a selection of fragrance-free products including scent-free bath salts, Dead Sea mud, a facial cream, eye gel and body cream. The Healing Bath does not use fragrance oils, synthetic fragrances, fragrance, parfum, masking agents or natural fragrances (which are not really natural.) Our products are not vanity products but products that will truly help you Change The Way You Feel by alleviating and relieving a wide variety of ailments.

SHIPPING: The Healing Bath ships to Canada and the United States via courier or Canada Post. Orders are shipped from Monday to Thursday. If you need a different shipment date or alternate/special shipping arrangements, please contact us. Depending on your location, most Canadian orders will arrive within 1-4 business days from the shipment date.

SHIPPING RATES: As of April 7, 2015, regional shipping rates will apply to all orders within Canada and the United States. For shipping to other countries,
please e-mail: salts@thehealingbath.ca for rates.

Dead Sea products promote the relief and healing of:

The Healing Bath maintains very reasonable prices so that the average person can afford to use Dead Sea products on a regular basis. (With the exception of essential oils), our prices have not changed in 5 years! We do not make extravagant or exaggerated claims but provide an honest opinion as to what our products can and cant do. Building trust by operating with integrity and providing credible advice has gained us a loyal customer following. We look forward to serving you!

MINERAL COMPOSITION is the key criteria that determines the therapeutic value of Dead Sea Bath Salts. Dead Sea Bath Salts sold by The Healing Bath and incorporated into our products are independently tested to verify their mineral composition. See: >Dead Sea Bath Salts >>

Mineral Composition on our site.

BEWARE OF SCAMMERS! If youre buying Dead Sea Bath Salts and the price is too good to be true, youre likely not getting what you think you are getting. Sometimes youre paying full price and youre still not getting what you should be getting. Try doing THE TASTE TEST as a quick guide to determine whether you have purchased therapeutic Dead Sea Bath Salts or salts that are 99% sodium chloride (table salt.) The non-therapeutic salts (sold as Dead Sea Salts because they may have been extracted from the Dead Sea) have had all minerals (except sodium) removed. If you're not sure, send your salts to the lab. We use Chemisar Labs in Guelph (519) 836-2313. Better yet, deal with a company you can trust. Shop with confidence at The Healing Bath.

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"The salts are an amazing product! I use them everyday for back pain. They do not dry out your skin, you feel relaxed after your bath. I travel with my salts!!"


"I have psoriasis on my feet and hands. Your salts are doing a wonderful job at healing my skin. They are so nice now that I sometimes forget to put cream on them, and my itching has almost disappeared. Thank you so much."

-Cheryl Lynch